Cat and Mouse

When I look at you, I'll tell you what I see
Something more of mouse than man is looking back at me
So you'd better scurry off now before this cat breaks out her claws
Cause I eat mice like you for breakfast
And I've swallowed bigger than that tail of yours

Now you listen missy kitty, cause I'm the mouse that roared
And you won't be the first pussy-cat impaled upon my sword
You better build a better mousetrap if you wanna keep me from the cheese
But since the cat has gone away this mouse will play
And I'll do anything I please

I see you wanna play, so maybe I should stay
Just long enough to let you see there ain't no one good as me at playing
Cat and Mouse, yeah, so let me end this while we're young
Cause this cat's out of the bag now,
And this pussy's got your tongue

Well you're pretty good my feline friend, but you've yet to reach your goal
Of getting this here 'Mighty Mouse' to crawl into your hole
So tidy up your litter box and head back out that door
And take all nine of your lives with you,
And don't you cross my path no more.

           GUITAR SOLO

You're a tricky little rodent, it's quite hard to pin you down
But we can't have vermin like you running free around the town
So you nibble on this notion while you scavenge for a rhyme
In the game of Cat and Mouse, yeah,
You know the cat wins every time

You better open up those slitted eyes and wipe off that Cheshire smile
Cause it's obvious that you ain't seen a cartoon for a while
Cause when a Cat and Mouse do battle, it's the cat who always falls
So go home and lick yourself you pussy-cat
Until you cough up some hairballs

You've got me on a tin roof and I'm starting to get hot
You keep squeaking through my mazes you are better than I thought
But luckily this kitty always lands back on her feet
And though I'm finiky who I lose to, I must admit when I've been beat
Yeah, I get frisky when I'm winning,
But I'm still graceful in defeat
You little rat!







Music and lyrics by:
David Patrick Ford

ELENA       Kim Reed
STEVIE      David Patrick Ford