You wanna hear a great story?

In high school, I ran track on top of all the other activities I participated in.  One day, there was a competition of our Shakespeare Troupe scheduled on the same morning of the Mid-Penn Conference Track Meet.  My school hosted the Shakespeare competition, so our performance was last to go.  Immediately after finishing playing "Romeo" I jumped in the car and changed into my track outfit on the way to the host school of the track meet about 20 miles away.  When I arrived, there were very few vaulters left.  I quickly warmed up and made my first attempt at 12'6".  I cleared it.  I then cleared 13' and was the only one to do so, thus winning the competition with only two attempts.  Quickly, I jumped back in the car and headed back to the awards ceremony for the Shakespeare competition.  The last few awards were yet to be given out.  I was just in time to receive the prestigious award for "Special Achievement in the area of Acting".  When I graduated from High School the Principal told this story to the whole school as he presented me with the award for "Most Contribution to the Senior Class".