If you love something, set it free...PRINTED NAME is a modern-rock musical tragedy that teaches us the harsh lesson of what happens when we hold on too tightly to those we love.

The Vietnam War claimed his father before Stevie was born.  His mother died when he was twelve and he lost himself in a whirlwind of foster homes until he found Brian's family -- the loss of a son to Desert Storm had left a hole in their home as well as their hearts.

ACT I:  July 4, 2004 – 30 years since Stevie's father's death.

A realization for Brian during the afternoon cartoons -- there's no way out of his life!  But it won't stop him from partying tonight.  Brian convinces Stevie to let go of the past and come out with him.  While Brian cruises for a date, Stevie meets a sharp-tongued politician's daughter, Elena, and they open up to each other.  The next day, Brian goes to a job interview while Elena vents her secrets to Stevie and then invites him to a political fund-raiser.  But Stevie is denied admittance and must admit to his dark past.  He takes Elena to a special place and they confess their attraction for each other.  Meanwhile, Brian has decided to join the army.  for their pasts and their futures, he convinces Stevie to join up with him.  Brian makes an impassioned speech at a recruitment rally and Elena shows up in protest.  Forced to choose sides, Steve goes to Elena.

ACT II:  August 1, 2004 -- the day they leave for boot camp.

Stevie gives Elena a ring and they promise to be married.  Tensions mount when Brian comes home unexpectedly.  Before he ships out, Brian finds Elena and tells her the darkest secret in Stevie's past.  Shocked, she returns the ring to Brian.  Months later in Iraq, Stevie is furious that there has been no word from Elena.  Brian pretends to know nothing about it.  A car-bomb seriously injures Stevie and severe depression sets in.  News arrives that they are to be sent home, but Stevie finds Elena's ring in Brian's effects and a fierce argument ensues.  In pain and sadness, Stevie commits suicide.  Brian must then return to America and tell Elena the truth.  She erupts in anger and threatens to have Brian charged with murder.  Brian begs for something to remember Stevie by and Elena gives him a crayon-rubbing from Stevie's headstone.  It's all that's left -- a printed name.




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A modern rock tragedy
All songs Copyright 2006-2007 DPF

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1.  Prologue

2.  Without My Brother

3.  Like A Rocket/See Me

4.  Hey You There

5.  Cat And Mouse

6.  People Are Still Crying

7.  Unexpected Love

8.  Look In Your Heart

9.  Without My Brother Reprise

10.  Time To Fight


11.  Crazy Love

12.  Inside

13. Fly Away

14. The Way Things Go

15. The Beginning of the End

16. Whispered Words

17. Epilogue